Toriumi Rhinoplasty Book


Dear Dean,

I have been "savoring" Structure Rhinoplasty. I limit myself to reading 20-30 pages at a time.  It is just a wonderful experience.  It is such a monumental effort - somewhere between Jack Sheen's attempt to convey his thoughts and James Joyce's stream of consciousness.  You definitely transcended a medical text and achieved a literary mile stone.

There are so many aspects that few people understand the work involved.  From the perfect intraop photos to the standardized preop and postop photographs - sheer perfection and attention to detail.  The range of cases is just incredible.  Your honesty and commitment come through on every page.

I suspect that you are very proud of it, but also that you feel tremendous relief that it is over.  As the athletes say, they left "everything on the field."  Of course, you went one step further and continued onward with Dean's app.  Just incredible.

With admiration and delight as I continue to savor,

Rollin K. Daniel, MD.

Newport Beach, CA.


Structure Rhinoplasty: Lessons Learned in 30 Years—A Book Review

John S. Rhee, MD, MPH

 Book Review published in Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine

"There are many surgical textbooks that can convey important information about any topic; then there is Dean’s textbook: Structure Rhinoplasty: Lessons Learned in 30 Years.1  It is indeed a surgical textbook that is comprehensive and expansive in its coverage; however, it is the personal journey of single surgeon’s pursuit of perfection that makes it special.....

The accompanying app in of itself is a forward-thinking and cutting-edge component of this book purchase package. The app as a basic function allows for the curation and display of videos that supplement the text and photographs of the book. However, in its ‘‘premium’’ version (additional fee with this upgrade), the app affords access to an enormous library of cases that are more full length and complete.....

This publication is indeed a gem; a truly one-of-a-kind multimedia experience constructed by a once-in-a generation thinker and surgeon who has devoted his lifeworks to the pursuit of perfection in rhinoplasty. It is a must-have for anyone who shares a passion and interest in one of our most complex and intricate procedures in our specialty. Thank you, Dean, on behalf of today’s and tomorrow’s readers.